Company profile


“We believe that tomorrow can never be too soon. Our research and design allows us to utilize tomorrow’s technology today.”

Steelburner is a family owned company based in northen Hellas. The history of the company goes back to 1970 when Leandros Apostolellis started a small company dealing with high level electromechanical constructions.

With 50 years of experience in electromechanical constructions and more than 20 years in the sheetmetal fabrication machinery industry, Steelburner is one of the leading companies in Hellas.

In the 2000sqm private owned facilities, steelburners R&D department which consists of mechanical, electrical and software engineers constantly introduce innovations in Steelburner systems that maximize productivity and user friendliness.




Leandros Apostolellis set the fundations of what will eventually become Steelburner.


Introduction of the first CNC plasma machine oriented for HVAC applications and light metal constuctions.


OEM cooperation with the most advanced and well known manufacturers in the globe (e.x. Hypertherm).


Introduction of the first Plasma CNC machine with high definition technology.


The first CO2 Laser cutting system, equipped with 1 KW Rofin slab laser source was manufactured.


Introduction of large scale CO2 laser 2.5m x 9m with 2.5Kw power and adaptive optics.


The first Fiber laser machine ever to be made by hellenic hands.


Introduction of our new high-end Fiber laser series HYPERION.


Introduction of the Atlas Plasma cutting family.


Second generation fiber laser series, Hyperion Gen2.0 is produced.




“Steelburner’s manufacturing process is certified with EN ISO 9001:2015“

Steelburner through the years of existence is always investing on the quality of its products. Our team of engineers design and simulate all the systems of our product range on electronic computers. This makes the manufacturing process more accurate and the final product has a top edge quality.

Our facilities are equipped with the most advanced computerized machinery. In addition Steelburner has partnerships with workshops, specialized in fine milling and machining. This helps to use even more precise items that lead to a superior product result.

The minimum annotation construction allows Steelburner to use the finest linear guiding systems in the market. This provides smooth and accurate contouring even in high speeds. The precision of the motion our systems provide, can stay the same with the day one, even after many years of use. All the motion drives, controllers and electronic components are imported from the most well known and certified companies around the globe.

They are programmed and installed by highly educated staff.