Atlas Fly

Plasma machine


Atlas Fly is the crossroad between Laser and Plasma in large format scale. It is a unique Plasma cutting CNC machine specially manufactured to 100% utilize XDefinition Plasma technology while it is sharing the finest features of all Atlas family.


Atlas Fly has the one of a kind design to let the torch fly above the material while three sides of the machine are fully accessible. The space needed for installation is kept to minimum and the material can be loaded easily also with a fork lifter

The versatility, reliability, accuracy and productivity of an Atlas Fly machine are one of a kind, suitable for businesses that process all kind of materials and all kind of thicknesses in daily basis.

Atlas Fly is proudly engineered , designed and manufactured in Hellas.





techdata   Technical Data


Machine Data Atlas Fly
Working width Up to 2.5 m
Working length Up to 12 m
Torch Vertical stroke 200 mm
Torch lifter Motorized CNC Controlled
Motion Transmission Helical Rack & Pinion
Drive Technology Digital Servo Drives & Brushless Servo Motors
Positioning Speed 30 m/min
Repeatability +-0.1 mm
Connectivity Ethernet / USB / Wi-Fi
Plasma Source XDefinition XPR Up to 300A
Maximum thickness 80 mm
Oxy fuel Stations Up to 2



“Designed to utilize Hyperhterm’s XDefinition XPR Series with True Hole Technology”