Atlas LITE

Plasma machine


Among Steelburner Altas series, Atlas LITE is in the entry level range. It is an inexpensive, compact plasma cutting CNC system with astonishing performance for its level.


The productivity, reliability, accuracy and the unique friendliness in use, makes an Atlas LITE system the ultimate solution for small businesses that begin their journey in computer guided sheet metal plasma cutting

An Atlas LITE system can be optionally combined with the HVAC package and transform it to a powerful duct manufacturing workshop on its own. With the Ductwork CAM software, even the most complex ductwork parts can be designed and created in minutes by completely untrained personnel.

Atlas LITE is proudly engineered , designed and manufactured in Hellas.





techdata   Technical Data


Machine Data Atlas Lite
Cutting area 1.25m x 2.5m up to 2.0m x 4.0m
Torch Vertical stroke 100 mm
Torch lifter Pneumatic
Motion Transmission Rack & Pinion
Drive Technology Digital Servo Drives & Brushless motors
Positioning Speed 15 m/min
Repeatability +-0.1 mm
Connectivity Ethernet / USB / Wi-Fi
Plasma Source Up to 160 Amps Air Plasma
Maximum thickness 30 mm





“Designed to utilize Hyperhterm’s Powermax Family”