Plasma machine


Atlas is a compact but yet a high end CNC cutting system specially designed for the latest High Definition plasma cutting technology. It has applied the total knowledge Steelburner gained, through the research and development invested in the many years of existence.

Now utilizing Hypertherm’s True Hole Technology, plasma cutting is far better than ever before.


Atlas was designed to provide high precision cutting to the highest possible speed at any material and any thickness in the capability range of the installed plasma source. At the same time, operation is friendlier, safer and cleaner than ever.

The advantage of the small footprint in comparizon to the effective cutting dimensions, makes Atlas a suitable piece of machinery for any industrial facility.

Atlas is proudly engineered , designed and manufactured in Hellas.





techdata   Technical Data


Machine Data Atlas
Cutting area 1.5m x 3.0m up to 2.0m x 6.0m
Torch Vertical stroke 200 mm
Torch lifter Motorized Arc Voltage Controlled
Motion Transmission Rack & Pinion
Drive Technology Digital Servo Drives & Brushless motors
Positioning Speed 30 m/min
Repeatability 0.05 mm
Connectivity Ethernet / USB / Wi-Fi
Plasma Source XDefinition XPR up to 300 Amps
Maximum thickness 60 mm




“Designed to utilize Hyperhterm’s XDefinition XPR Series with True Hole Technology”